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Charles Wankel (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 10:07:33 -0400

I am posting this request on behalf of Dr. Slawomir Redo who heads up the
Centre for International Crime Prevention Regional ODCCP of the United
Nations in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Dr. Redo is working with government and
police officials in a number of Central Asian republics on introducing
what he describes as "empowerment of criminal justice officials" and on
"institutional capacity building". If you have any related articles,
books, or hyperlinks or suggestions on implementation that you might offer
him, he would be most appreciative. He is not a member of this forum,
though. So either respond directly to him or if you feel that the response
is of interest to this forum too send him a copy of your response. Who
knows, you might be a future consultant in Turkmenia or Kyrghyzstan!

Dr. Slawomir Redo
Centre for International Crime Prevention Regional ODCCP
United Nations Office
4, Taras Shevchenko Street
TASHKENT 700029, UZBEKISTAN, Central Asia
Tel.+ 998 71 139 48 63
Fax + 998 71 120 62 90

posted for Dr. Redo by Charlie Wankel
St. John's University, New York City


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