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Tue, 08 Jun 1999 09:02:20 -0500

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Hi Richard:

I know a publisher who rubs her hands in glee when a new management book
comes out. No matter whether it hits or fails, they already have the next
organizational self-help book ready to replace the one on the local
bookstore promotional shelf. It is a combination search for the cure, like
the cartoon in the May issue of HBR with the carrot on a stick in front of
the manager- so close, but never there. And, it is a marketing tool for
consultants to differentiate themselves.

The real danger is not that we have short half-lived theories but that we
may find the equivalent of a "killer ap" in the software sense- killer in
its ability to replicate itself like a virulent meme through the global
network- But then my coffe mug advises "don't take life so seriously, its
not permanent"


tom abeles

Richard Charles Holloway wrote:

> Well, Tom, I do have many thoughts on this. I often think about the
> manner in which people tend to flock towards the symbols of management
> (and religion and philosophy) that are clad in buzzwords like "TQM, KM,
> LO" and so forth. It bothers and annoys me...and more importantly I
> realize that this tendency continues to pull all of the efforts of the
> prophets and advocates of meaningful change away from the direction for
> which they were aiming.


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