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Thanks for talking about two other kinds of detectors. I like very much
your "gem detector" for the observation stage. For the speculation stage
I would like to suggest we need an "editor detector." By this I mean
that, in order for divergent thinking to happen, we must turn off all of
our mental "editors" (including especially the one I called the "crap
detector." I have already written about this very situation where the
crap detector should be turned off in "Hostility of the Insecure
LO21754.") So, what we need is a detector to warn us that an "editor" (or
a "judge") is trying to interfere with our speculations. What do you
think of that idea?

So, we will have three important mental detectors [like "metal detectors"
only much more important :-) ] to be used within the scientific method:

1. Gem detector (for opening our eyes to what's in the world through
2. Editor detector (for preventing our judgmental abilities from
interfering with divergent thinking, or "speculation")
3. Crap detector (for employing our judgment during convergent thinking,
or "falsification," so as to improve the chances that what we pursue will


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