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Replying to LO21855 --

I recently completed a Systems Thinking paper on "Creating a Company-Wide
Commitment to Service Using Cross-functional Teams." In my research on
service cultures, I came across an article on a Texas hospital whose work
may be of interest to you. I do not have a copy of the article, but the
following is an excerpt from my paper and reference information FYI.

What does a Service Culture Look Like?

In an article on "creating a service culture," Wesley Oswald describes a
Texas hospital's transition to a service culture. "What is a service
culture? In a nutshell, it is a coalition of employees, physicians, and
volunteers working collaboratively to support change, as well as the
programs, processes, policies and services customers identify as most
important to them" (Oswald, p. 2). He goes on to describe the four
components of a hospital service culture:

"A well-defined vision and mission and a strong set of corporate values to
drive behavior A commitment to continuous quality improvement The ability
to embrace change A strong sense of teamwork with a focus on what is best
for patients" (Oswald, p. 2).


Oswald, Wesley W. "Creating a service culture" HealthCare Executive,
Chicago, May/June, 1998.

Hope this is helpful.

Genene Koebelin, student
Adult and Organizational Learning
Suffolk University


koebelin <koebelin@cwix.com>

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