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A number of Academy Divisions (BPS, CAR, GDO, HR, IM, MC, MED, MH, OB,ODC,
OM, OMT, ONE, PNP, RM, SIM, and TIM) are co-sponsoring the 2nd Critical
Management Studies Workshop on Aug 6-8 at part of the Academy of
Management meeting in Chicago. For a description of CMSW's aims,
information about our listserver, and a partial list of supporters, see
our website at An updated program is shown

We welcome proposals for the poster-paper and caucus sessions -- these are
particularly popular and important sessions in our program. The submission
deadline has been extended to July 1 - send us an abstract.

Preregistration and a fee will be required - see details BELOW.

Contact the program coordinator, Paul Adler, at if you are
interested in participating.

All our sessions are designed as workshops, with no more than half the
allotted time devoted to presentations and the remainder to dialogue among
all the participants.

Background reading for many of the sessions will be made available on our


Fri (Aug 6) 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Doctoral workshop and working dinner

Sat (Aug 7) 7:30 - 8:00am: Breakfast, Opening and orientation to the

Sat 8:00 am - 11:00 am: Parallel topic workshop sessions:

* Critical traditions in the study of work organization: Chair: John
Jermier (USF), Panelists: Paul Thompson (Strathclyde): Marxist
perspectives, Graham Sewell (Melbourne): Foucauldian perspectives, Bill
Kaghan (Sakson & Taylor, Inc, Seattle, WA) Hughesian/Chicago School
perspectives. This session is desinged as a tutorial/discussion of three
key theoretical traditions. Presentations and background readings will
provide an overview of key ideas and debates.

* Meet the Author: Sandy Jacoby (UCLA) on "Modern Manors." Chair: Marleen
O'Connor (Stetson). Panelists: Bill Domhoff (Santa Cruz), Walter Nord
(USF), Tom Kochan (MIT). The panelists will open a discussion of Sandy's
widely-acclaimed book on employee relations in non-union settings.

* Doctoral workshop cont'd

Sat 11:00 am - 1:00 pm: lunch break

Sat 1:00 pm-4: 00 pm: Parallel topic workshop sessions:

* Foucault workshop: Chair: Ralph Stablein (U. Otago). Discussion leaders:
Steve Best (Texas, El Paso), David Knights (Keele). This session is
designed as a tutorial/introduction to Foucault's thought and to its
relevance to critical management studies. Discussion leaders will review
key ideas and debates, and facilitate a dialogue for both novices and
those more knowledgeable in this area.

* Teaching workshop: "Bringing critical perspectives into the classroom."
Panelists: Leon Levitt (Madonna), Hugh Willmott(Manchester), Mary Jo Hatch
(Cranfield), David Boje (New Mexico State), Richard Marens (Washington),
Dvora Yanow(Hayward).

This session will first discuss two recent critically oriented textbooks,
one by Mary Jo Hatch and the other a collection edited by Hugh Willmott
and Mats Alversson. Then we will discuss bringing critical perspectives
into our teaching in various kinds of institutions -- small colleges,
schools of public administration, larger business schools -- and how these
institutions -- and our challenges -- are likely to evolve in the coming

* Work organization: "High performance work practices: what's in it for
workers?" Chair: Arne Kalleberg (UNC). Panelists: Eileen Applebaum (EPI)
and Peter Berg (MSU); Harvie Ramsay (Strathclyde), Dora Scholarios
(Strathclyde), and Bill Harley (Melbourne); Steve Frenkel (AGSM). Speakers
will present empirical research from several industries and countries.
This data will serve as a foundation for discussion of a key controversial
question for critical scholarship.

Sat 4:00-4:30: coffee break

Sat 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm: Plenary: writer and interviewer-extraordinaire,
Studs Terkel (Working, The Good War, Hard Times, etc.) will be interviewed
by Paul Hirsch. Friends of CMSW welcome!

Sat 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm: Reception, social time, and caucus and poster
session I. Friends of CMSW welcome! (So far, about 15 papers and caucuses
have been accepted for this session; more to come.)

Sun (Aug 8) 7:30 am - 9:00 am: breakfast, caucus and poster session II.
(So far, about 15 papers and caucuses have been accepted for this session;
more to come.)

Sun 9:00 am - 11:00 am: parallel topic workshop sessions:

* Researcher/movement collaborations: "The point is to change it!":
Chair: Rose Batt (Cornell). Panelists: Gil Preuss (Case Western Reserve)
and Jim Bielke, Ann Frost (Western Ontario) and Leo Gerard, C. Sandberg
(National Institute for Working Life, Sweden). This session will discuss
several collaborative research efforts bringing together academics and
people from the labor movement, leading to a broader discussion on
opportunities and impediments to these kinds of collaborations.

* Gender and class: speakers: Maureen Scully (MIT), Evangelina Holvina
(Simmons), Irene Padavic (FSU). This session will open a discussion on
questions of gender and class as they are posed in a number of settings.

* Critical perspectives on strategy: Chair: Stewart Clegg (UT Sydney).
Panelists: Barbara Townley (Alberta), Paul Hirsch (Northwestern), Nancy
DiTomaso (Rutgers). Speakers will propose several different ways in which
critically-oriented strategy scholarship could progress.

Sun 11:00 am - 12:00: CMSW organizational meeting

Sun pm: tour of some important sites in Chicago's working-class history.
Leaves the Hyatt at 12:30 (see BELOW)


As part of the Critical Management Studies Workshop meeting at the Academy
of Management in Chicago, doctoral students and faculty are meeting on
Friday evening, August 6 and Saturday morning, August 7. Last year's
event was a highlight for participants! So we are looking forward to an
even better meeting this year. We will begin with dinner and roundtable
discussions on research issues on Friday and continue with discussion of
career issues on Saturday morning. Faculty will include: Jim Barker, David
Boje, Marta Calas, Mary Jo Hatch, Roy Jacques, Debra Meyerson, Walter
Nord, Michael Rosen, Linda Smircich, Barbara Townley, Sandra Waddock, and
Hugh Willmott. You can find more information about the CMSW at our

For more details on this doctoral workshop, contact Erica Foldy at


If you are planning to join our Critical Management Studies Workshop in
Chicago, you will need to preregister, as we need to arrange and charge a
fee to cover catering costs.

To preregister, send me an email message and a contribution of $45 ($25
for students). Please make your check (or money order) payable to "Academy
of Management - CMS" and send it to Paul Adler, M&O Dept, Marshall School
of Business, USC, Los Angeles, CA 90089-1421.

Foreign participants may find it easier to pay on arrival with a
travellers check. But please pre-register with me and tell that this is
your intention.

If you are interested in participating in the Doctoral workshop, pls
contact Erica Foldy at -- but you will also need to
preregister with me.


On Sunday afternoon, we have organized a tour focused on Chicago's
working-class history. Leah Axelrod, who works with "My Kind of Town"
tours and specializes in this kind of tour, will pick us up by bus from
the hotel at 12:30 and take them thru the following itinerary:

* Maxwell Street Market - open-air multiethnic neighborhood street
market -- people buy whatever they want to have for lunch from vendors
* narrated bus ride thru working class neighborhoods of "Battle of the
Viaduct" (1877) and Haymarket Affair (1886)
* visit Pullman District, the "model company town" built by George
Pullman in 1881 for the workers and their families -- and site of the
famous Pullman strike (see historical note below). Tour of facilities
and slideshow/presentation. (Some background on the Pullman strike is
available on the CMSW website.)
* visit Jane Addams Hull House -- the first "settlement house" in
America. Jane Addams sought to improve the quality of life of immigrant
workers and create a sympathetic climate for labor and union causes
* stop in at neighborhood Italian bakery (run by same family for 80
years). Demonstration, coffee, snacks.
* return to hotel at 5pm.

Families are welcome.

Fee: $38, includes entrance fees for visits and Italian bakery
refreshments, but not lunch.

You must pre-pay (or make prior arrangements directly with Leah to pay
on the spot).

Send your check made out to MKOT to Leah Axelrod at:
MKOT, 2100 Linden Av, Highland Park, IL 60035. Leah's phone number is
(847) 432-7003. Her fax is (847) 432-7703. Her email is


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