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On 11 May 99, at 11:09, Winfried Dressler wrote:

> And in order to be able to show this, a strategy must show, how following
> three necessary conditions are to be met:
> 1.) Provide satisfaction to the market now as well as in the future. 2.)
> Make company goal units (money in your case) now as well as in the
> future.
> 3.) Provide a secure and satisfying environment to employees now as well
> as in the future.
> The term "necessary conditions" mean, that you are not allowed to violate
> any of them.

Personally, I'm not comfortable with taking a word "strategy" and
redefining it to include values or assumptions, as Winfried has done.
Defining those necessary conditions is PART of the strategy development
process, NOT part of the definition of strategy.

It could very well be that a company might have a strategy in place
without these "necessary conditions". I guess we would have to call such a
strategy a shazzbot or something, since according to this definition in
isn't one.

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