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Jodi-Anne Smith (jsmith@wtcc.sa.gov.au)
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 16:41:19 +0930

Hi there,

My name is Jodi Smith and i work in Corporate Development in Local
Government in South Australia. The Council i work for is suffering low
morale, etc as a result of amalgamation and restructuring.

They are interested in 'healing' the organisation and i am trying to
convince them that a LO approach is a useful one. (On the side i am doing
a PhD in system dynamics so it would be very handy if my paid work also
becomes systems related).

I was wondering if anyone has any examples of LO approaches in Local
Government, any recommendations on how to convince management to take it
on or suggestions of how best to achieve it?

I have read the 5th discipline and am wading through the 5th discipline
fieldbook but this is about all the knowledge i have on the issue so far.

Best wishes

Jodi Smith
BAppSc(EnvHealth), PGDipNatResMgmt, now doing Phd
Senior Project Officer Corporate Development
City of West Torrens
165 Burbridge Rd, Hilton,
Sth Australia 5022
Ph: (61) 8 8416 6292
Fax: (61) 8 8443 9099
Email: jsmith@wtcc.sa.gov.au


"Jodi-Anne Smith" <jsmith@wtcc.sa.gov.au>

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