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Fri, 11 Jun 1999 11:06:25 +0100

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Dear John (and At)

Please let me respectfully disagree. There is only one level to Learning
and that is an unfathomable and ineffable level called Curiosity. The
moment that one uses words such as "highest level" and "faith," is the
moment that one has renounced their innate capacity to be unequivocably
curious. Without unequivocable curiosity, one can learn only within the
very narrow boundaries of ones past experience or the even more narrow
boundaries of ones faith.

John, you wrote eloquently in a recent posting of your organistion as an
"wormhole" for others (i.e. as a vehicle for allowing young people to be
brought in, to learn, and then to move on to some other "level"). If you
now have "faith," will you be able to know if some other person opens up a
wormhole for you?

In the spirit of continuous inquiry

Richard Goodale
Managing Partner
The Dornoch Partnerhip

> At Delange closes his thoughts with:
> >However, here is something for you to chew upon until you are ready to
> >swallow and digest it. The highest level to which a Learning
> >Organisation can emerge, is the Faith Community.


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