Learning Organizations and Hospitals LO21904

Swan, Steve R. SETA CONTR (SwanSR@ftknox-dtdd-emh5.army.mil)
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 08:38:42 -0400

Replying to LO21892 --

Good comments. I understand exactly what you say, so it proves your value
as a communicator.

However, to further my curiosity, how can individuals or organizations
keep referring to themselves as knowledge organizations when what they
really do is put new words on old "proofs" and definitions.

I refer to the comments forwarded by Bill Bruan (good work going on there
for sure.) In my response that his definition of the highly performing
(collaborative effort to solve problems, etc.) hospital staff was the
definition of an effective team he replied:

"The definition may not sound remarkable for many organizations but it
does represent a huge departure from the norm for a hospital."

The fact that it is a departure from the norm is not relevant. It remains
only a contextual positioning of the definition for effective
teamwork..which is in itself receiving more an more attention in greater
detail. The real question reamins: How does the performance improvement
system (HRD, managers, leaders, instructors, cultures) cause the
development of effective teams. Ah ha. Become one themselves!

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