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Thu, 24 Jun 1999 15:59:08 +530

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Rick Fullerton <> wrote:

> Today, the conversations about learning organization have broadened to
> include knowledge management, intellectual capital, teaching organization,
> and other popular ideas. So what is missing, it seems, is a clear
> perspective on current learning organization thinking (what is new in the
> last 3-4 years?) and how this relates to the public sector.

Some 'new' (?) ideas (relating to learning communities) that might be of

multi-agent systems (artificial societies)
use of complexity theory
critical pluralism/coherent pluralism
third-phase science
web-based MOOs (multi-user object-oriented systems)
interaction of actors theory
learning conversations
formative use of language
second-order cybernetics
knowledge-building environments
thinking space/learning space
thinking time
reflective practice for citizens
outsight (as opposed to insight)
cyber-systemic modelling
vocabulary of agency

As to their relationship with the public sector, I think it still needs to be
worked out.


Prof. D. P. Dash
Xavier Institute of Management
Bhubaneswar 751013



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