Experiential Learning LO21986

Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:22:40 +0100

Replying to LO21978

> Do you think that experiential learning spans the spectrum of learning
> styles?
> Can we consider experiential learning a common denominator to all adult
> learning, that is do we all learn by doing?

My personal view is that experiential learning does apply across all the
styles providing it is an experience that fits the style. However, the key
issue, and one my students take time to discover, is that people only
learn by experience when they are ready to do so.

Many organisations spend a lot of money setting up 'experiences' for
employees to learn form (outdoor training is but one example) but unless
they see the learning and are prepared to follow it nothing will happen.

The example I give, that seem to bring light is that we all have at least
one friend who having got out of a truly awful relationship so their
friends breathe a huge sigh of relief, promptly goes into another one
exactly the same (or even goes back). They do not want to learn about it
and so they don't. After much laughter and nodding there is a realisation
that experience is not an automatic precursor to learning.

Debbie Blackman



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