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Fri, 25 Jun 1999 06:25:30 EDT

Dear Learners,

(I believe the subject header is from Joseph Campbell)

A few days ago I wrote to At de Lange privately the following,

>I awoke this morning with a strange thought in my head. The 'thought'
>could get very complicated so I am stating it as briefly as possible.

At de Lange replied,

>>These strange thoughts will become more and more, interspersed with
>>sudden flashes of such rich insights that it is impossible to write
>>them all down! So much for the 'explication of knowledge."

I was prompted to write about my 'insight' since it seemed to result from
something Michelangelo wrote that seemed to connect/harmonise/amplify At
de Lange's notion of 'building bridges' between the world of the physical
and the metaphysical through understanding (learning) about, among many
other things, entropy production. "Pui l'alma acquista, piu 'l mondo
perde" which translated becomes, "In measure as the soul gains the world

So, the question designed around the half dreamed thought became,-

>At the moment of passing over to the other world, or at 'the end of this
>dispensation' as you say it, what happens to the accumulation of our life's
>emergences, our ordinate bifurcations of mind and soul?
>I cannot believe other than that it is converted somehow into something like
>'free energy' passing into some collective realm, in short it is not lost for
>ever to the world. Our life's learning and creativity, our spiritual growth
>is somehow maintained within the cosmos in some collective plasma field,
>(I just know that I should not use the/any word like 'plasma', but that is how
>it feels in my head) and so, like entropy, is a kind of higher state store
>of 'qualities' like say, love, compassion, virtue, creativity and learning...
>Am I off my rocker today, or is there some sense in this?

There was some tension is waiting the reply and some fear about not even
getting one which turned to relief by the following,

>>No, I have often thought about it.

>>God has infinite free energy. To get sufficient free energy to enter
>>the dispensation hereafter with God, we have to self-organise as much
>>as possible in this dispensation and then let go of all of it to get
>>enough free energy to enter the new
>>dispensation -- "the quantum mechanical tunneling" one could say.
>>Another way to say it is that the present dispensation of Creation has
>>to act as catalyst. The more complex the catalyst, the finer its
>>tuning of free energy barriers.

So, I think the "No" becomes a "Yes"

>>Thanks for sharing your joyful insight. Keep fellow learners on the
>>list in mind.

To which end the private mail is shared as it was 'asked and answered'.

The latest post written to the list on my desk is LO21971. Segmented

If one image of a living LO may be a 'living crystal' then Michelangelo
may be a sufficient model or exemplar of how a 'passion for learning' can
be fashioned to cause stone to become as 'fluid' as water. Or, as I once
saw engraved into a painting by a complete novice in response to her own
just freshly emerged/produced painting, " A Gentle Hub of Sweeping
Boldness". I reckon even Michelangelo would have been impressed with that

Carving a statue into marble is about subtracting on one level and
constructing to another so one might abstract at many? Did I say carving
into marble? Maybe I meant to write carving out of marble? And that is not
to mention the Pieta at all. Now where does that start and end its life?
Where is the increase and the decrease in that?

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell



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