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My previous employer carried out a similar exercise, before the days of
personal pages! It was restricted to relatively senior staff, i.e. those
who already had assignments out of their home branch.

Our internal CV was created by asking three colleagues with whom we had
extensive working knowledge/experience to provide input. We then took
their three offerings, and did an editing job on them. The final words
were our own. We were restricted to 2 pages of A4. This approach
engendered trust amongst the four folk involved, and as we found ourselves
being a source for more than one person, small pockets of trust were
constantly being created. We accepted their opinion. An early form of so
called 360 degree appraisal perhaps.

It was our responsibility to coach those who did not have internal CVs to
the point where we considered they should have one, and we were one of
their 3 sources.

It seemed to work well.

-- Roy Greenhalgh


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