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My two cents. I agree with you that the "market" will lead to future
self-adjustments with respect to self-identified expertise and/or
competencies. As such I believe that you would not necessarily have any
problems in that direction. However, I would worry about the potential
that people would not list all of their competencies and/or expertise in
your system because they may believe that they are not important or not
useful to others.

One way to take this issue into account and also to ensure the efficiency
of the process it to structure the input into the system. By this, I mean
that the use of a "common language" that provides users with a list and
definitions of competencies and experiences relevant to the organization
might be useful. In this case, people will be able to structure their
home page based on this list, and others will also know what everyone is
has put in their home page.

As I said before, just my two cents.
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