SoL Meeting - Challenges of Transformational Change LO22009

Richard Karash (
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 22:34:20 -0400

SoL is the Society for Organizational Learning, consisting of corporate,
consultant, and research members. It is the outgrowth of the MIT Center for
Organizational Learning created by Peter Senge and others.

This week is the SoL Annual meeting, in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, with
an overall theme, "The Challenges of Sustaining Transformational Change."

The meeting is organized loosely around the challenges identified in the
recent book _The Dance of Change_ by Senge et al.

- Challenges of Initiating
- Challenges of Sustaining Momentum
- Challenges of Redesigning and Rethinking

Invited speakers include
- Ray Anderson, founder, chm & CEO, Interface, Inc.
- Frances Hesselbein, president & CEO, The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for
Nonprofit Management and former CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA

I'll try to share content from the sessions and some of my own reflections
with the LO list.

If any other LO subscribers will attend, please say say "Hello" at the meeting.

-=- Rick


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[In association with, I offer this link for readers in the US: The Dance of Change: The Challenges of Sustaining Momentum in Learning Organizations by Peter M. Senge, Art Kleiner (Editor), Charlotte Roberts, Bryan Smith


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