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Dr Maggi Linington (lngtn-mj@acaleph.vista.ac.za)
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 14:17:40 GMT+2

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Replying to AT's and John's messages.

"Using a crap detector also helps you to find gems. "

This discussion started as a result of someone tired of reading "junk".
This later was modified to false information. The point being that some
people expound on a subject that they know nothing about and since others
regard them as experts they become spreaders of disinformation. They then
hide behind "tyranny of experts" accusations when corrected and
philosophize on your tunnel vision because you disagree with them. The
originator of this discussion was just trying to point out to fellow list
users that it is necessary to weigh up information and determine when you
are being fed a load of cow dung, and to disagree with something that is a
load of junk is not limiting your learning experience. I see it as
follows: if my 4 year old comes along and says one plus one is three, I
correct him and explain that it is two. I do not tell him that it is an
interesting possibility and let us look at the consequences if this was
true. He'd never learn maths. I joined this list to learn and to expand my
awareness of the global world and human behaviour. Although I've stuck to
this list hoping to be enriched (pick up gems), and I have picked up a
few- I find the amount of cow dung I have keep flushing out of this system
too much. I am leaving

If I can make a few farewell remarks: 1. for those from a religious point
of view: read Myles Munroe "understanding your potential" he will help you
understand how to work with people, yourself, your family and transform
people into learning groups.

2. This is to some extent a very "closed" list in that it has 3 or four
"experts" who run the list and disagree amicably with each other and
unamicably to strangers. Some contributors have never heard of the idiom
"short and sweet" and can never contribute an idea or thought without
repeating a lot of theory or philosophy. It's like wading through

3. There is very little discussion or learning organizations. Unless the
philosophy on the of the behaviour of man is a LO topic.

4. One of the gems of this list is Rick his comments are always very
insightful. I think you do a great job

5. Another gem is "squarewheels" plus website, very informative very

Good luck & Bye

Maggi Linington
Maggi Linington
email: lngtn-mj@acaleph.vista.ac.za


"Dr Maggi Linington" <lngtn-mj@acaleph.vista.ac.za>

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I do appreciate feedback at any time, positive or negative, privately or on-line as you see fit. In particular, if others have feelings like Maggi has expressed, please let me know. ...Rick]

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