Farewell Remarks LO22069

Bob Janes (bob.janes@webster-and-janes.co.uk)
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 17:41:30 +0100

Replying to LO22008 --

> [Host's Note: Maggi has left the list, ...
> I do appreciate feedback at any time, positive or negative,
> privately or on-line as you see fit. In particular, if others have
> feelings like Maggi has expressed, please let me know. ...Rick]

In an idle moment of procrastination over an unrelated task I counted up
the messages to the list over the last six months. There were around 1700
from some 350 contributors.

More than half of the contributors sent only one message, 90% sent 10 or
fewer. Of the "ongoing core" of 34 people who sent more than ten the
frequency was 11-20: 19 people; 21-42: 12 people. Together this accounts
for 80% of the messages. The other 20% were sent by just three people with
92, 127, and 129 messages respectively. And no, At is not top of this
list, that place goes to John Gunkler with Winfried taking the bronze.

At does though win on words. In the last six months he has posted some
193,000 words to the list -- around three average novels. He mentioned
'learning' 648 times, 'energy' 600, 'system' 585, 'entropy' 470, 'time'
452, 'people' 449, 'thinking' 356, 'knowledge' & 'change' 355 each,
'example' 349, and 'creativity' 339 times. This seems to me to represent a
fair set of criteria for a learning organisation.

Apart from a little whimsy this is an offer of a small piece of feed-back
to the list which may -- or may not -- result in some change in behaviour
and thus some learning in this particular organisation.

Best regards

[Host's Note: Bob, thanks for the statistics! An idle moment, eh?


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