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The AME annual convention is being held in Portland Oregon this year
October 11th to 15th 1999. AME is Association for Manufacturing

It will give attendees a chance to meet other people who are trying to
improve operations, opportunities to visit companies that have done better
than most at improving the way they work and attend great seminars.

The plant visits include:
Oregon Cutting Systems
Hewlett Packard
Neilsen Manufacturing Co
SLC Technologies
Sequent Computer Systems
Columbia Sports Wear
Leupold & Stevens
Supra Products
Boyd Coffee

These are not just tours or visits but opportunities to see and hear how
they made the changes and enter int discussions with people who have done

In addition to site visits there are 5 days of seminars.

Keynote speakers include Richard Schonberger, Clayton Christensen, Robert
Schad, Kenneth Blanchard and Bonnie Dunbar.

If you want to know more visit the AME web page at or call
847-520-3282 and ask for a brochure.

AME is Association for Manufacturing Excellence. Even though it started as
a manufacturing organization membership includes a much broader array of

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