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you wrote . . .

>. . . guidance on any research done on Physician Group
>Dynamics as they relate to the effects on Drs. deciding to stay or leave a
>group practice. The practice is further defined as participating Drs.
>holding owner status as "Partners." My questions relate to whether or not
>there are any instruments that are aimed toward Physicians? Are any
>organizations utilizing Physician Exit Interviewing? Is there causal
>research on different physician attitudes (as measured) that is predictive
>of intent to stay or leave?

Interesting questions. Strikes me that your scenario compares to
situations faced by Legal firms and professional services practices as

As food for thought, consider contacting the nearest thing you have to a
counterpart in such organizations within Chicago metro. Given the size and
breadth of the regional area, there has got to be local pros focused on
this environment.

Hope the thought helps!


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