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Actually, Kathy, those concepts of "undiscussables" and "left hand" are
from Chris Argyris' work... They are certainly mentioned in other
materials but Dr. Argyris was the first to write about those concepts. I
am sure someone else may have his book handy with the appropriate
references--I'm on a business trip and don't have my library handy.
Perhaps someone else can provide the citations.

Sandy Wells

>I need some advice! Yesterday, I and a few colleagues met with a training
>materials vendor to review their skill-building training product....their
>3 series include interpersonal communication, team building nd customer
>service skills. We went through one 1-hour module and I quickly reviewed
>several others. In addition to other concerns with the quality,
>methodology and usefulness, I was troubled by the lack of references or
>attribution where others' ideas were used. The example I'm thinking about
>were a few modules with nicely printed participant workbooks and
>facilitator guides teaching about "undiscussables" and learning how to
>speak from the "left hand" column. I know these ideas from the 5th
>Discipline Fieldbook--but I did not find, nor could the salesman direct me
>to any references or attribution. I've loaned my Fieldbook, but I would
>guess it would provide for free reproduction and use of materials, if the
>source is acknowledged. And I would guess that the authors would be
>delighted that their ideas are being used...I agree, it's great if people
>discuss their undiscussables....BUT.....


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