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Doc you are probably right. But they live the delusion of control, and
they do cause a lot of behavior and usually not the behavior they wanted.

Managers have missed a vital point about control. Control is in the
preconditioning not in the controls. Managers do precondition the work
force in many unwanted and most often unexpected ways.

One narrow and small example. A supervised walks by a work bench each day.
As he walks by the worker catches his eye and tells him about a problem.
It happens nearly every day. The supervisor nods and implies I'll get to
it. Over time the worker gets no action and decides the manager doesn't
care about me or quality or fixing. This process preconditions workers
every place and controls behavior in many ways.

It is not the control the managers had in mind but is it not control? The
worker learned a behavior and was told how to behave.


At 11:22 PM 7/27/99 -0700, you wrote:

>overall, I agree with your posting. However, management never had
>control...only the illusion of control. Leading diminishes the risks of
>"letting go" by developing the capacity of others for increased autonomy
>in performing configured work.

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