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Sun, 01 Aug 1999 20:03:42 -0700

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Kathy Toner wrote:


> In addition to other concerns with the quality,
> methodology and usefulness, I was troubled by the lack of references or
> attribution where others' ideas were used. ........

> nor could the salesman direct me
> to any references or attribution. I've loaned my Fieldbook, but I would
> guess it would provide for free reproduction and use of materials, if the
> source is acknowledged.
> In short, I was disturbed by the vendor's lack of acknowledgement,
> especially when the concept and activity seem to be directly borrowed from
> anothers work--and results in a commercial product Am I overreacting?
> What do you think???

Hi Kathy,

In addition to the ethical issued that have been commented upon, there is
the issue of the ignorance and apparent lack of competence of this vendor.
Why reward it? The fact that they neither knew or knew who to ask where
their material came from would be quite troubling to me. What you'd be
buying is a precanned package of unknown quality. You could expect no
help from this vendor with any difficulties, nor any tailoring if needed.
I don't know if they're any cheaper than other vendors of similar
material. I'd suggest that they're no bargain at any price when you factor
in your internal costs of delivering potentially inferior and ineffective


Ed Rosch

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