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I've just joined this group yesterday. I'm teaching a course at the
University of Phoenix Washington Campus in Bellevue, Washingtion called
Learning Organization. This group will be a great resource for me.

In response to your thesis question, I wanted to know if you are familiar
with Everett Rodgers work on Diffusion of Innovation? He's now in New
Mexico but did some of his work in the LA area. His work is quite
interesting and I believe his first work was to study the infusion of
telephones in villages. In any event I just wanted to pass this along. I
would like to know more about your research.

As for a group, I work at Boeing on the world's largest re-engineering
project. There are numerous groups within the company who are receiving
technology that they are unfamiliar with. I knew we had a problem when
many of the instructors reported back that people asked "double click the
what???" When you add major production speed problems to the new
technology, you've got a recipe for stress!

I'll be happy to talk on- or off-line with you about my work at Boeing.

Best regards,
Paulette DeGard


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