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A Competency-based Performance System is a way to integrate all human
resource systems (selection, training, performance management, and
succession). It's a bit of work to implement, however, fifty employees is
very,very manageable. It involves identifying core competencies (skills,
attitudes, knowledge) as well as the "job-specific" competencies for all
positions. . . which creates the foundation upon which you then build the
infrastructure for determining how your employees fill the capacity for
doing the work.

I've done an approach whereby the current "job description" is compared
against the data collected that describes "the real work" (interviews,
observation) and then built the competencies from the ground up. You
might look in some professional journals to find some competencies that
are tacit for the engineering profession and then compare with what your
folks actually do (in the event that there are no formal job descriptions
in place already).

You might take a look at some of David Ulrich's work on developing
competency systems.

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