Intro -- Bryan Siever LO22418
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 15:40:38 -0700

My name is Bryan Siever and have been working in the OD field for 5 years.
I'm half-way through my MA in Organizational Management, and have just
joined a small engineering firm (50 employees) as "Organizational
Development Manager".

Two questions:

(1) Who out there has a unique and effective employee performance
appraisal system that instills learning and creativity as well as meets
legal and salary/merit (HR) requirements? We are weaving learning and
creativity through the cultural fabric here, so stuffy performance systems
will not go over well. (Average employee age 35-40, very bright, driven,
and no tolerance for traditions embedded within "Corporate America").

(2) Is it possible, and/or prudent, to blend employee development and
employee performance into a singular process?

Any and all feedback related to this subject welcome...

Bryan Siever

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