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Richard Karash (Richard@karash.com)
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 10:59:40 -0400

Replying to LO22430 --

Hi Harriet --

About partisanship on the LO list...

Yes, partisanship is always present, we cannot avoid it, and we can learn
from it.

However some topics are, in my judgement, too "hot" AND too far from our
topic area to be worth the air time they would create here on the list. In
the specific case, I declined to distribute a msg which expressed a
partisan point of view about the groups involved in the Balkans war.

On the other hand, if the issue is about organizational learning, then
partisanship is just fine here on the list.

-=- Rick

At 1:20 AM -0400 8/10/99, HJRobles@aol.com wrote:

>I understand the concern with partisanship on a listserv of this nature,
>but truly, how can it be avoided in a true learning organization? And
>more to the point, should it be avoided? Sometimes I think we must
>embrace the tiger, even if it is not comfortable and even painful. The
>trick would be to take what comes from that experience and see what can be
>learned from it. I'm curious as to how you and others define partisanship
>and whether it is automatically perceived as something negative and to be
>avoided. Just some thoughts........Harriett.


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