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Aleksandar Raich (araic@EUnet.yu)
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 23:44:25 +0200

Dear colleagues LOers

I agree with Rick's decision about my note. My understanding the
partisanship includes two aspects:

1. Telling things in favor only one party - political, ideological, etc.;
telling "finite", one-sided, holly party "truths", not self explored, own
truths; as a mean of aggressive apsolutistic ideology; ideologically
beating others; propagation not dialogue and learning;

2. Telling only own truth, only a part of wholeness; believes based on
emotionally colored experience which offend others; insisting on own
claims without analysis the reality of others; deafness toward information
which not fit into own actual believes and interests and fears.

As I understand, Rick doesn't distributed my posting because it has
included elements of partisanship Nr 2 - critique of war happenings and
actual horrible developments at Kosovo and here in other parts of Serbia.
In my posting I consciously didn't followed any party interests. My
mistake might be in my believe that critical analysis of actual processes
here in Balkans are of real value for world's democratic development.

The core of my reflections is: USSR failed because majority of people
around the world convinced that behind communistic ideas exists only armed
violence not real human development and integration into humankind. In
last decades USSR exported war (weapons) and ideology fare [far?] from
reality. Wise analyses of that problem show excellent books of Agnes
Heler, Ferenc Feher and Markus.

This history of USSR is source for learning a part of actual civilization
perspective. Another part might be learned in ancient Rome Impery. That
great civilization failed at the top level of riches, culture and military
force. To much enjoyment in closed ordered society without export of
development possibility for environment (for non-Roman world), caused the
catastrophe of that brilliant Impery. Wild Germans and Slaves deluge Rome.

During long war alarms, I was thinking about destiny of our actual world.
With what kind of influence can the center of actual civilization change
the rest of world? With bottles of beer and Coca-cola and extasy; or with
show business and violence fairy tales like star-wars etc.; or with
STEALTH war planes; or with INTERNET; or with high productivity and
employment for millions of unimployed people and health care etc.? I know
that we all agree which is the right answer. Lets try to learn how we can
include in that right thread of development of our only world.

Thanks for effort of understanding my "balkanian" English

Best wishes



Aleksandar Raich <araic@EUnet.yu>

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