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Subject: Visionaries and Early Adaptors LO22477

Greg asked:

>How do people, who don't usually think conceptually catch "the vision" (or
>mission or direction -- however you name it)? What can be done to close
>the gap in this learning cycle?
>What experiences, tools have some of you had on breaking into this kind of
>Greg Troxell

A very good question Greg, but still under valued.

You have to bridge the cap with a metaphor to bring the vision, mission to
another level. I have used in many years now movementexercises that help to
enliven abstract notions like 'collaboration', 'growth' etc. . For examples
visit this page on my website:

There are exercises for Personal Mastery, Systems Thinking, teambuilding,
mental models, creating shared visions, etc. Let me know what you think
of it.

greetings from the Dutch lowlands

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