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Fri, 27 Aug 1999 01:17:10 +1000

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DP DASH wrote:

> Dear HELEN and other interested in on-line learning:
> I hope you will find the following thoughts of mine on educational
> technology relevant to your quest:

Thank you DP for your thoughts and information ,

On-line conversation/discussion certainly proves to be one of the great
advantages of this medium for distance education. In fact for any method
of education. Just by joining this listserver I have taken the step from
being a Distance Education learner at the University of Tasmania campus,
to a learner at the Virtual World Campus. A month ago I would not have
thought that I would be given such help from mentors/ facilitators from
India and Texas.

A month ago I had not enjoyed the journeys that Andrew takes our minds on,
winding us down laneways, through meadows, to the sun, the moon, watchings
the eclipses, sorrowing with the survivors of the earthquake, chasing
virtue until we are left with the question To be virtuous must we be



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