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Bruce Jones wrote:

> You have asked the $64,000,000 question.

Hi Bruce,

If only I had the $64,000,000 insteaad of the question then the problem of
keeping within my budget and program deadlines would vanish.

Yes I agree "shovelware' is definately "NOT GOOD". I would prefer to take
a little longer and not put the learners off with a dearth of text. Hence
the request for help from those of you who have the experience.

Thanks for the Everest of information. I have already found some of the
readings very useful and others very interesting.

I am at present leaning toward a more interactive learning system for the
distance education students. It seems that when we contemplate this
learning medium (on-line learning) the distance learner takes on a similar
role to the class room learner. Distance no longer being the operative

Thanks for your help


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