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Just a thought for reflection.

>Has anyone attempted to utilize personality typing (Meyers-Briggs or
>Keirsey Temperament Sorter) to determine those in an organization that
>are "built" for holistic or systems thinking?

This reminded me of a comment I came across in an article by Holland
titlted "The Paradigm Plague: Prevention, Cure, and Inoculation" published
in the Tavistocks Human Relations journal.

"For example, psychological testing early in this centrury answered the
needs of sections of American society that were fearful of continued
immigration into a county built by migrant hands, though falling down into
crime, corruption and urban squalor. Racists and ethnic prejudice could
fuel itself on ideas of unfit, degenerate groups who should be excluded
and discriminated against. It has been argued that the aspirations of
psychology as a scientific profession and the unfortunate needs of the
time combined to produce a dangerous and dehumanizing form of knowledge
(Rose, Kamin, & Lewontin, 1984)."

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