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Having done much job coaching in most sectors, I find that people can and
must be able to change their behaviors. The biggest value in my opinion of
Kersey, Myers Briggs, Personal profiles, etc. is to build awareness of the
fact that most of us prefer a particular type of behavior pattern and that
we need to be sensitive to this. Look at our Presidents or other leaders.
There are successful people in high places that prefer different
behavioral stlyles.There is research to show (wish I had the source) that
the difference between good and exceptional leaders is the ability to
adapt their behaviors to the needs at hand.

A golfer shared this analogy, I may prefer one iron over another, but I
know I need to learn how to use all of them if I am to be the best I can
be. wrote:

> Has anyone attempted to utilize personality typing (Meyers-Briggs or
> Keirsey Temperament Sorter) to determine those in an organization that
> are "built" for holistic or systems thinking?
> My own observations show a very strong correlation with leadership
> potential, lifelong learning and certain "types".

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