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> On the other hand, you have surely encountered the frustration of having a
> brain tease (vision/idea, etc.) that is stirring you so that you can
> hardly sleep. Excited to share this vision with others you venture
> forth... The first person you come to is "ideal" -- she "gets it" and
> comes to your side. The second, third and forth individuals don't get it.
> They are not seeing the vision and you begin to wonder, should I go
> further? Do I dare ask another person?
> Then another question enters your mind... How might I need to present the
> same idea differently to each unique individual (people of a different
> behavioral/psychometric/learning styles).
> This is the question I had hoped to address. The other responses have also
> been helpful and will be useful in the very near future, I am sure.
> Thanks again. With hopes that I have expressed myself better this time
> around. Greg
> PS - This is a case in point. Rephrasing the question in a
> story/hypothetical situation. It will be interesting which of you now
> better understand the question. Is this a result of better communication?
> A result of using a different style? or???

This is a problem of education also. It is a problem of teaching style
-Vs- learning style. If the instructors (or in this case the one with the
vision) style matches the style of the student (those you are trying to
sell the idea to), the lights come on immediately. If the style of
delivery is NOT the same then a rephrasing of the question is required.

The problem then becomes one of getting those to whom you sold the idea,
working together. Again the style of management will vary according to
the style of the person being managed. I do not think it is feasible or
in the organizations best interests to do a MBTI, Kiersy profile, or any
of a number of other style inventories to establish a working group.
There may be ice breakers that can be utilized at the first project
meeting to indicate how the group will work together. It is essential
that the group be varied in style. If ALL the members of the team are of
the same mind set and personality the project will not get the rigorous
shaking out required of a quality result.

Therefore I feel it is in the best interests of the group and organization
that some form of personality (working, learning, teaching, managing)
profile be available on all employees.

My $0.02.

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