Visionaries and Early Adaptors LO22505
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 00:09:33 EDT

Replying to LO22495 --

Let me phrase this again in story form (hypothetical dialog). I feel as
though we are not "languaging".

You have most probably experienced the joy of having a vision and then
sharing this vision with a blessed soul who "GETS IT" right off! They are
on board with you and helping you take it to the next level, almost as
though they were reading your thoughts -- the ideas you had of ways to
implement, develop or improve the original idea/proposal/vision.

On the other hand, you have surely encountered the frustration of having a
brain tease (vision/idea, etc.) that is stirring you so that you can
hardly sleep. Excited to share this vision with others you venture
forth... The first person you come to is "ideal" -- she "gets it" and
comes to your side. The second, third and forth individuals don't get it.
They are not seeing the vision and you begin to wonder, should I go
further? Do I dare ask another person?

Then another question enters your mind... How might I need to present the
same idea differently to each unique individual (people of a different
behavioral/psychometric/learning styles).

This is the question I had hoped to address. The other responses have also
been helpful and will be useful in the very near future, I am sure.

Thanks again. With hopes that I have expressed myself better this time
around. Greg

PS - This is a case in point. Rephrasing the question in a
story/hypothetical situation. It will be interesting which of you now
better understand the question. Is this a result of better communication?
A result of using a different style? or???


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