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Tue, 31 Aug 1999 22:20:41 +1200

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Dear Carol

That is Ashby's law of Requisite variety, to be able to respond in
appropriate ways to your environment. Behavioral responses have very
little to do with personality. I know of no personality traits that one
can generalise about and say that those make good or bad managers. Also
look at Jaques' book on Executive Leadership. His book is all about what
you saying.


Carol Sager wrote:

> ...There is research to show (wish I had the source) that
> the difference between good and exceptional leaders is the ability to
> adapt their behaviors to the needs at hand.
> A golfer shared this analogy, I may prefer one iron over another, but I
> know I need to learn how to use all of them if I am to be the best I can
> be.


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