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Liz asked how people use these inventories. This is a personal statement,
based on my work with corporations and individuals and I hope in that
regard it may be helpful. In no way do I want to share this as a

I find behavioral inventories help people realize that it is important to
listen to opposing ponts of view with an attitude of what can I learn/gain
from this rather than dismissing whatever doesn't sound like what you were
thinking. I have seen it help sales people focus on the needs of the
customer. It helps people who think they have a difficult boss look at
things from the Boss's perspective and *manage up.* It also helps people
realize how to adapt their behaviors in different situaltions and to exert
influence and leadership from the middle of the organization. These
teachings can be and need to be built into any instrument one uses. I
prefer not to use Myers Briggs only because it is too long and tends to
have people talk about themselves in fixed terms. I am an.........I would
rather focus on behaviors and how they can and should be changesd. Other

Liz Cantrell wrote:

> In my own amateur use of personality tests I have found them to be a
> useful tool for personal growth. I've been able to learn a great deal
> from the "type" I test as, and simply how I am inclined to answer the
> questions on the test. I do think that there is value to these tests, my
> concern is more with taking test results and applying them to job
> placement. I think that if used properly these tools can be of great
> value, but I'm not sure if I would be comfortable if someone decided that
> I should be in R & D because I'm an "inventor", or told me that I should
> not be in a management position because I did not have the necessary
> personality traits.

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