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Thu, 2 Sep 1999 08:57:54 EDT

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Although I have not introduced myself yet, just want to comment on what
Gavin stated related to personality instruments..

In a message dated 8/31/99 3:30:32 PM, he wrote:

> There is also no evidence that a certain personality has a
> bent for certain jobs

The MBTI manual appendix as well as the Center for the Applications for
Psychological Type in Gainesville Florida has loads of data to refute your
claim Gavin. Certain "types" are indeed attracted to and found in higher
numbers in certain occupations. The theory, and facts which support it,
holds that the occupations honor and ask certain attributes and gifts from
each type, which is why you will find higher concentrations of various
types in one occupation and not another. Having worked as an
internal/external consultant with the MBTI and administered the instrument
to many people, I'd say the theory is true. Keep in mind that the MBTI is
a self assessment instrument, it is not a test (which in our parlance
connotes a right/wrong answer), but simply one piece of information people
can use to help them increase their effectiveness in life and their
career. It also assumes a healthy personality.

Well, my 2 cents this morning. Will introduce myself in another message
soon. Couldn't let this one pass....

Bill Hendry


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