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A good german source:

I found the image of the "inner ensemble" as the guiding idea and well
described from various practical perspectives in "Miteinander Reden 3" by
Friedemann Schulz von Thun, Professor for psychology in Hamburg. Its
paperback, published in Okt. 98. The other two parts of "Miteinander
reden" were written in 1981 and 1989. They are not necessary for part 3
but also very good. The author took the necessary time to let the concepts
become ripe (not only in academia, but also with many private and
professional experience) before publishing.

Liebe Gruesse,


>The idea of the inner team (ensemble )is marvelous. It is truly
>empowering. We all need help in recognizing our own power and that this
>power is something we have. It is not something we have to wait for
>someone to give it to us.(pardon my sentence structure).


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