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> As to Nonaka, can't respond.
> What is the exact title of the book?

The book I referenced is called "Harvard Business Review on Knowledge
Management" It is part of a series of books by HBR and has no author /
editor. Nonaka has several books out, I understand. The authors included
in this book are:

Peter Drucker
Ikujiro Nonaka
David Garvin
Chris Argyris
Dorothy Leonard & Ssusaan Straus
Art Kleiner & George Roth
John Seely Brown
James Brian Quinn, Philip Anderson & Sydney Finkelstein

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Vana Prewitt <vana@praxislearning.org>

[Host's Note: Thanks Vana... In assoc with Amazon.com, here's a link to the book you mention:

Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management (Harvard Business Review Series) by Harvard Business School http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0875848818/learningorg


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