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Dear OL list:

I am responding to the systems thinking/personality thread which I have
read for the past several weeks. I have used (and abused) the DiSC, Dr.
John Geier/Performax/Carlson Learning tool first developed in the 1960's.

By abuse, I mean what many of the LO's refer to as type casting, guessing
and stereo-typing. I did this to myself and others, in the assumption that
everyone valued the same "aha" experience I did. Not everyone is so needy,
nor so desirous of change.

What I did find of value, is the opportunity to give a break in the
concentration of difficult concepts during a strategic planning or team
building session; somehow coming back to a personal experience, without
the intention to dogmatically typecast or have everyone become a pop
psychologist, tools like this can provide a useful bridge and way for
people to come together, without being an end in itself.

Rex Paris


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