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> Imagine you are sleeping in a wilderness, under the stars, in a cave or where
> ever. That is an immense place and you will probably look up to the sky and
> 'call it home' you will in the act of being there need to take it in, within
> and therein you have called the heavens 'home'.

Yesterday I was at the movies. An advertisement for a local newspaper
("The Eagle") was shown on the screen before a movie started. The
advertisement included an eagle holding a light sabre, like in Star Wars.
The eagle drawing had an expression like how the phrase "oh yeah?" could
be used, responding to a challenge. However, the image of the light-sabre
wielding eagle did not inspire me or "sound a chord". (Now, it is true as
well that the drawing was probably NOT intended to sound a chord :)

Then I imagined seeing less detail of the eagle, and the eagle being
smaller in the picture, more visible "place", with only the eagle and its
opponent. Why did that sound a chord? It seemed to me that those sole
occupants of the vast scene became representatives for a view of life and
that the outcome of the conflict had bearing for the viewer. The eagle and
its opponent were fighting about a cause, defining the resultant state, in
a way, and my life (in imagination) was to be affected in what took place.

Have a nice day
John Paul Fullerton


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