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Lon Badgett < > writes:

>Bill Hendry wrote of MBTI:
>> it is a valuable tool (can over three million people be
>> wrong per year?)
>Now I presume from having read previous posts of yours
>that you are saying this in jest, but it caught my eye and
>reminded me of some fairly serious inaccuracies in logical
>thinking that I have seen in various publications in recent
>months. I wonder, how far can a learning organization go
>without the ability to discern logical information from
>illogical information?

Greetings Lon,

Both Bil Hendry's comment and your reply made me think
of the saying which I concocted many years ago:
"If you have to vote on it, then it cannot be logical."
It goes with
"If you have to vote on it, then it cannot be empirical."
"If you have to vote on it, then it cannot be scientific."

But seriously, Lon, I wonder why people want to pay such importance to
Personality and its typing. I, for example, consider a person's creativity
as much more important that typing that person's personality. I have
experienced too many times how, when helping a person to overcome some
serious deficiency in his/her creativity, how LATENT personality features
in that person begin to flower.

I am still waiting for some fellow learner to make the connection between
creativity and personality so that we can shift into a higher gear.

Is the task of a LO not to help unlock the full potential of each of its
members? Is it possible to typify anything at all when it is still

Best wishes


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