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Dear Organlearners,

Eli Camhi <> writes:

>Perhaps the answer lies in humility and clear purpose.
>In my work as a member of a "multidisciplinary" team
>serving the HIV infected community we have learned that
>no single discipline can meet the needs of that community.
>However, working together, we can.

Greetings Eli,

What you can say of the HIV infected community, I can say of the "learning
disabilities" infected community. To say it in other words,
specialisations ("academic apartheid") are conducive to producing learning
disabilities rather than diminishing them.

I personally would appreciate it very much if you tell us more about the
relationship between an effective campaign against HIV-AIDS and the
"multidisciplinary approach".

I do not want to chill the blood of fellow learners on the statistic of
HIV-AIDS in Africa in general and South Africa in particular. But please
read the book "Lord of the Flies" (I forgot the name of the author) and
bear in mind that every day a couple of thousand such situations develop
here in Africa.

>Otherwise its a bit like the blind men and the elephant.

Yes, definitely. Is the elephant not in Africa and the blind men somewhere

Best wishes


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