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You're invited to attend "Bringing Systems To Life -- Building The
Learning Organization"..... a dynamic three-day workshop that literally
brings The Learning Organization to life -- at Jiminy Peak Resort in
Hancock, MA, October 24-27, 1999.

When you consider that 85-90% of the individual and collective choices we
make each day are being made subconsciously, we can begin to see why it's
important to develop "systems wisdom" -- a working knowledge of Systems
Thinking combined with a trained systems intuition. Without it we'll
continue to create more problems than we're solving. The risk, then, is
that we'll become overwhelmed and deplete our reserves, losing the
resiliency to find relatively simple, creative pathways through the

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Bringing Systems To Life -- Building The Learning Organization:

Since organizations are comprised of living human beings, we can consider
them to be living systems. And while there is still much to discover
about living systems, there is one thing we do know -- they must
continually learn in order to stay alive. If an organization ever stops
learning, it will soon die. The concept of continuous learning as a means
of sustainable organizational change evokes a powerful vision -- capable
of bringing about fundamental shifts in how people think and act.
However, in order to learn, we must be able to connect the results we're
getting with what we've done.

- Learn the elements that comprise the Learning Organization while actually
building one and experiencing it's benefits.
- Learn how to integrate the best of what you've accomplished thus far into
the framework of the Learning Organization.
- You'll not only learn about Systems Thinking, you'll learn to become a
Systems Thinker -- and there's a vast difference.
- Safely challenge and develop your Mental Models in an inclusive
"hands-on" accelerated learning environment.
- Learn from realistic practice fields that faithfully duplicate real
organizational dynamics.
- See why static "snap-shot" interventions are obsolete as you learn how to
tune your organization while it's in motion.

"People keep looking for a recipe or a proven program, but the only thing
that ever changes is the packaging. Instead, we're instilling an appetite
for something new and better -- a process for ecological growth."

Workshop Content:

- Building The Learning Environment
- The Five Element Bottom Line
- Balanced Learning -- Strength In Diversity
- Integrating The Six Learning Organization Disciplines
- Recognizing Order in Chaos -- The Electric Maze III
- The Tea Game Organization-Wide Simulation
- Developing Mentors -- Be A Teaching Organization
- Practical Stewardship -- Ensuring A Tomorrow
- The New Bridge -- From The Past Into The Future
- The Wheel Of Learning -- A Natural Process
- Double-Loop Learning -- New Mental Models
- Delays and Filters -- Seeing The Bigger Picture
- Linear Processes Amidst Natural Cycles
- Laws of Systems Thinking & Archetypes
- Creating Connection Through Generative Dialogue
- Appreciative Inquiry
- Risk, Safety and Initiative
- Open Systems For Sustainability & Ecology
- Dynamic Balance -- Feeling The System In Motion

You Should Attend If:

- You're frustrated because you've tried all the latest programs and still
haven't seen the changes you're looking for.
- You're having difficulty balancing the diverse initiatives of your
organization that are contending for attention and scarce resources.
- You've heard about the Learning Organization and would like to become one
but need some help in getting started.
- You've begun the Journey, but have encountered resistance and want to
learn how to sustain the momentum in a practical way.

You Will Learn How To:

- Build and sustain a Learning Organization.
- Instill the principles of Systems Thinking and Stewardship throughout all
levels of your organization.
- Redesign the unseen "deep structure" of your organization that influences
its ability to learn.
- Develop a "systems wisdom" for addressing problems while there's still
time and leverage enough to make a difference.
- Build a learning environment that consistently converts pressure into
creative response rather than dysfunction.

Tuesday Evening:

- Exploring the invisible structure of the Learning Organization through
music and drumming with Charlie Bremer and Peter Hawes.

To Register:

- Call 1-800-773-8017 or 1-330-725-2728
- Tuition $850 (Non-profit rates available. Partial scholarships available.)

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