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Kara Peters (karap@pegasuscom.com)
15 Sep 99 10:33:45 -0400

LEVERAGE: News and Ideas for the Organizational Learner is a monthly
newsletter that explores the theory and practice of organizational
learning. Like the Learning Org List, LEVERAGE seeks to create community
among business leaders, practicing managers and workers, as well as the
general public. One of the ways that we attempt to foster this community
is through our "Shop Talk," column, which poses thought-provoking
questions to readers and enables them to share their experiences and
insights. We welcome responses from Learning Org subscribers and offer two
FREE audiotapes from past Pegasus conferences to those whose responses
have been chosen to appear in the newsletter.

This month, we would like to hear about a mistake that you or one of your
colleagues made at work and how it contributed to individual and
organizational learning.

Thanks for your insights.

Kara Peters
Assistant Editor
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Kara Peters <karap@pegasuscom.com>

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