Correction to Corruption and Connection to Identity LO22674
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 04:30:01 EDT

Dear Learners,

In the posting Ref. LO22657 Rick found a strange corruption of a quoted de
Lange understanding. To clarify on came out as,

'They are seamless opposites, but when we are at our best we can integrate
them. When we do this we transcend 1 + 1 , and move instead, as At de
Lange once put it, to a creatively different equation 1 + 1 3.[?? ..Host]'

When pasting from MS Word it seems certain characters become
unpredictable. So to say the same another way, the first element that I
signified in numbers I now put into words, - one plus one EQUALS two - The
'creatively different equation' is - one plus one 'becomes' three -

I hope that clarifies?

For those who have ever applied themselves to the notions of 'identity'
and 'mapping' I append this poem. I apologise now for the length.

'Me, we.'
Mohammed Ali, formerly Cassius Clay.

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell

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