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Bruce Jones (brucej@nwths.com)
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:43:55 -0500

Fellow Learners:

As usual I have run into a brick wall!

In searching for an appropriate topic for a class paper, I decided on the
development of an LO in the healthcare environment, specifically
hospitals. I see how it can be done in the business aspects, since
hospitals are organized as business. What I am wondering about is the
clinical role of a hospital. Is it possible to take a hierarchical, skills
intensive, knowledge focused environment and apply LO principles? If so
does this lead to a schizophrenic organization? Most health care workers
(direct patient care) are already schizophrenic. They deal with their
emotions, patient's emotions, doctor's emotions, and fellow employee's
emotions in some highly intense situations. This is the reason for burn
out in most medical environments. Would making a hospital an LO add to or
relieve this problem?

Does anyone know of any specific references for this?

Thanks in advance.

Bruce W. Jones
Organizational Development Specialist
Northwest Texas Healthcare System
Amarillo, Texas


"Bruce Jones" <brucej@nwths.com>

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