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In response to Sharon's post:

There is llittle in the way of formal research regarding the
implementation of LO principles in schools though an ERIC search will
produce some. Its important to note that in education LO's tend to be
referred to as Professional Learning Communities. A good reference in
this regard is:

DuFour, R. & Eaker, R. (1998). Professional learning communities at work:
best practices for enhancing student achievement. Washington: National
Education Service.

Another recent and informative article:

Scribner, J. P., Cockrell, K. S., Cockrell, D. H., & Valentine, J. W.
(1999). Creating professional communities in schools through
organizational learning: an evaluation of a school improvement process.
Educational Administration Quarterly, 35(1), 130-160.

In general, I found looking within the School Culture literature for
research related to specific LO disciplines to be the most productive. I
am currently engaged in doctoral research into the relationship between
schools as LO's and teachers' change in pedagogy and will e-mail Sharon
personally with a bibliography.

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> Now I am working on my thesis and it's about the LO implementation in
> schools. I am searching for the past researches about the the LO
> implemented in schools, but I have some trouble with that. I am wondering
> if anybody could give me a hand or tell me where I can get the things I
> want.
> Sharon Wu


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