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Thu, 23 Sep 1999 11:19:31 +0200

Replying to LO22685 --

At de Lange concentrated content and form of creativity into two equations:

> creating + learning + believing + loving
> creating x learning x believing x loving

Dear At,

Am I right to read these equations as "content is quantitative" and "form
is qualitative"?

I have learnt to think of a rate of entropy production as a measure of
content. Entropy production happens on the base level while a flow of free
energy is converted into heat and organization bound inner energy. The
rate of the flow depends on the higher emergents. These emergents
(learning, believing, loving) act like the current of the basis in a
transistor. The "transistor" need to be strong enough not to be destroyed
by a too high rate of entropy production.

The strength is depicted in the form properties, the harness. Think of the
suit of an astronaut. One little hole somewhere (one factor ) destroys
the whole suit (FC ).

Another issue:

I cannot follow what you mean by the feedback loops - why 7 / 11 such loops?:

>We can distinguish three binary, three ternary and one
>quaternary feedback loops (seven in total) which each involves


>What is the correct manner? To repair the broken feedback
>loops between
> {creating, learning, believing, loving}
>and even the many more within each of them. Within each
>of them? Yes, for example, learning itself has four levels
> {experential, tacit, formal, sapient}
>with 11 feedback loops between them.

I am afraid that I still need to learn about learning, before learning
about fast and slow learning. But here is also a feedback loop active
between "starting the car" and "driving the car". I can drive my car, so
there is no problem in starting it whenever I need to go somewhere I want
to by car. On the other hand, I don't want my children (3, 8 and 9 years
old) to start the car. But without starting the car, they will never learn
to drive it. In a few years, they will take a teacher, teaching them to
drive a car. Surely I wouldn't rely on giving them a book or letting them
participate in a mailing list discussing the issue of starting and driving
a car.

Where are the teachers of creativity and its emergents?

Liebe Gruesse,



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