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a short answer to your inquiry is that the 5 disciplines (systems
thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision and team
learning) comprise individual and organizational behavioral competencies
that support the development of a learning organization.

Practicing the 5 disciplines intentionally and proficiently contributes to
development of the individual's and the organization's capacity for
shaping the future and for sustaining change. These are leadership

It also contributes to improving efficiencies of present systems to
optimize and leverage resources to create surplus (wealth, capacity, etc).
These are management activities.

There are other competencies that would complement these 5. It's just
that these make awfully good starting points, and when individuals and
organizations achieve proficiency in these 5 disciplines, other practices
will just begin suggesting themselves.



"If one has a new way of thinking, why not apply it wherever one's thought
leads to? It is certainly entertaining to let oneself do so, but it is also
often very illuminating and capable of leading to new and deep
insights." -Frank Oppenheimer

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